2016 Quilt Show Wrap-up

For a list of winners CLICK HERE!

Another quilt show in the books. I can’t believe it’s over. I guess it’s like Christmas. You plan, work, and spend for what seems like forever, and then it’s over way to quickly! But what a show it was! From conversations overheard in the restroom, to comments on the Viewers’ Choice cards, to remarks from our judges, to comments on our Facebook page, the praise was everywhere!

Some Quilt Show numbers:

  • 215 beautiful quilts were entered in the show.
  • We started the show with 22 vendors and 30 booths. We brought in about $9,700 which was about $2,000 less than we budgeted. However, what a far cry from where we were in July!
  • $1,125 in prize money was awarded for Best of Show, Judges’ Choice (2), Viewers’ Choice, and 5 awards in the Challenge Category.
  • Admissions – We made $4,050 which works out to about 810 attendees. This is less than in years past, but may be just a sign of the times.
  • The total sales amount in the Member Marketplace was $4,467 which is 252% over budget. TVQG’s profit was $1,185. Woohoo! Thanks to all who put in their lovely items for sale. Glad you and TVQG could make some money!
  • Small Quilt Auction – TVQG made $2,619 for our scholarship program, 154% over budget, and $855 over last year’s take. Thanks to Miriam our “auctioneer extraordinaire” and to all who donated quilts to this worthy cause.
  • Donation Quilt – We netted $2,932 on the quilt this year, which was over budget!
  • Drum roll please....Though we may still get a few little receipts to reimburse, projected profit from the show $1,887!!! Again, a long way from our July projections.

Whether you showed your quilts, donated an auction quilt, gave your time as a volunteer, or spent your money at the vendor booths or quilt auction, or bought a donation quilt ticket or Martelli table raffle ticket, know your effort and/or money was appreciated! A special thanks to all the committee chairs and their helpers who came in under budget, and to those who worked so hard to help bring in the money. As I’ve said, it really does take a village, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to all who stepped up and made the show a success!

Hat’s off to all for helping make this year’s show a success!

Pat Wykoff
2016 Quilt Show Chair