Community Outreach Update 9/2017

What a terrific meeting! I certainly enjoyed the speaker...and congratulations to all the challenge winners and especially Pam Gantz for that awesome “reptile.” I couldn’t hear all the explanation about the difference in alligators and crocodiles, but I know it has something to do with their teeth... but I agree... if you can see their teeth, you are way too close! 


Even though you all were intent on the quilt show you still outdid yourself for Community usual! Your generosity gave $46 to NICA, which Glennis Bradley so appreciates. If you wish to bring something for donation at the September meeting instead of supplies would be great!



All the ID numbers and feet fabric have been distributed. If at all possible would you bring the completed bears to the September meeting and/or the CO workday, September 27! We would like to get these finished and sent off to Rare Science, and we hope possibly these might make it into Christmas stockings. Thanks so all who have participated in this effort! 



Shelly North of JPS would like to thank Trish Bowen, Debbie Miles, Shelley North, Kathy Patterson, Nancy Gengler, Kathy Sibley, Susan Fain, Mary Watts, Susan Ayres, Davene Hutchins, Dena Harris, Jan Hair, Susan Corbett, Lynn Main, and Happy Johns for all their contributions. Remember, their work day is the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 10-2 at the church. And, they are still in need of quilts for baby boys. 



Way to go Karen Myrick for her fantastic effort of 300 pillowcase kits. Do you realize that’s more than 300 yards of fabric...and all of it donated by Guild members? Those turning in pillowcases at this meeting were Karen Myrick, Jean Moulder, Dena Harris, Sharon Gunnells, and Pat Wykoff and most turned around and took more kits. 

The following took pillowcases kits during the meeting: Kay Valentine, Dottie Hughes, Shirley Flaten, Vivian Byers, Sandra Lowry, Cheryl Levy, Marge Wellman, Helen Jones, Mary Green, Mary Holland, and Norma Vigil. 

The “mild-manner Dr. Jekyll” Karen was aided by her friend and alter ego “Mr. Hyde,” Judy Turner, who grabbed handfuls of kits and passed them out to people as they left. One member, who already had a handful of kits, came by the Community Outreach table and said she was going out the backdoor! So for those of you who “took” and “got took at the door”...Thank you, Thank you!!!! 

We are not in a time-crunch for the pillowcases, but would appreciate it if you could return these within the next couple of months. Last year we gifted Recovery Resources with approximately 350 pillowcases just before Christmas, and they were very appreciative...but as always with any need...could have used more! (BTW, thank you Judy for your donation of 2 bolts of flannel!)



Thanks Dena Harris for the two quilt kits, and thanks Judy Turner for the donation of the quilt you just never got around to working we understand that! We will finish it for you and bless someone with that tag-team effort! 



We say at our house...”You cannot out give God,” but without being sacrilegious, I think TVQG members come in a close, close second. You all have given soooo much in preparation for the Christmas is just unbelievable! 

Again, this year after the show when you are plowing through your work space...we would love to have those items that morphed from being “couldn’t live without it” to “what was I thinking?” We will put them together into fantastic baskets and then sell you tickets for a chance to win them back! WooHoo! We are developing a plan to make very good use of your treasurers, and we will give you more info as we put that plan in action! 



We also have a surprise donation for the Christmas party that we will unveil at the September meeting...stay tuned...and save your money, or what you have left after Quilt Show! 



We will have a workday the 4th Wednesday of the month...Sept. 27, the church. Please bring Rare Bears to finish, pillowcase kits to work on or turn in...and anything else you feel appropriate. We will make an announcement regarding this at the next meeting Sept. 15. Have a great month...and take a deep breathe...Quilt Show’s over!!!!

Should you have a charity that you would like included in this effort, please let Miriam Hink or Linda Sue Johnson know.

Also you can send a quick email: