Activity Update at UNT – Our 2017 Scholarship college!

August has been a busy month at the University of North Texas Fiber Arts Department! Returning students will discover some new “tools” in the Fiber Arts studio workspaces. Through monetary gifts of the Dallas Quilt Guild, UNT was able to purchase a new long-arm machine for their student’s use. Through fundraising from the university, additional funds were saved and earmarked for a computer system to be used with the Long arm machine.

Their thought process was since these students were raised in the computer environment, they might have more interest in learning about quilting if a computer were involved. Mark and I were pleased to be notified our small business had been chosen as the vendor for the computer system installation and training. We have included a picture of Mark training the newest fiber arts employee “Abby Sherril” on the new computer system in mid-August. In the picture to Mark’s left is Amie Adelman, and to his right Abby Sherril, who will be assisting Amie Adelman in developing course criteria and eventually classes on longarm quilting. The new semester starts on August 28th and the whole UNT staff is very excited.