Guild Forms

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2014 Membership Form

Download our current membership form and bring it to a meeting!

2014 Membership form (pdf)

Advertising Guidelines Form

This form contains advertising rates and policies for Quilter’s Corner inside the monthly newsletter for the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild.

Advertising Guidelines (pdf)

Community Service Form

Keep this handy to record your hours throughout the year. Remember this includes anything you do to stimulate interest in quilts, advance the art of quiltmaking, to assist organizations in their displays of quilts, educational programs, workshops and seminars in the design and technique of quilt making.

Community Service Form (pdf)

Show & Tell Form

Save yourself some time and be prepared by downloading and filling out a form for your Show & Tell before coming to the meeting.

Show & Tell form (pdf)

Other Forms

The following forms are 2003 Microsoft files (.xls, .doc) and will open Microsoft Aps when clicked.

2013 Check Request Form (xls)

2013 Funds Received Form (xls)