JPS Quilts

Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild has an on-going community service project for John Peter Smith Hospital.  This program began in 1985 soon after the guild was organized. Our guild makes hundreds of baby quilts each year for several programs in the JPS Health Network.

The programs are:

  • Mom and Baby Drug-Free Program   When the new mother-to-be is using drugs, she has the opportunity to enter into a rehab program.  
    We provide an exceptional crib quilt as a reward for each new mother who stays in the program during her pregnancy and tests drug-free at the time of delivery.  Her case worker, a registered nurse, delivers the quilt to her and her baby while they are still in the hospital.
  • Neonatal ICU   We provide a baby quilt for each preemie as soon as they weigh 3 pounds and can move into the nursery where they are allowed to have a quilt. The babies are able to bond with the quilts and take them home with them when they are discharged.
  • Extra baby quilts are provided for the Volunteers’ closet at the hospital and are available to give to any baby at need.
  • Resolution Squares are provided for the Chaplain’s use in presenting the body of a deceased baby to the parents. This becomes part of a memory box that is presented to the grieving parents.

Members have many ways to contribute to these programs:

  •  Baby quilts: Sizes for the baby quilts need to be within a certain range: 36-38” square, or 36-38” X 40-42”.  If you have a panel you’d like to use, consider adding borders until you meet the required size. You may check out a quilt kit at guild meeting and complete the quilt.  The kit contains a top, batting, backing, binding, and instructions.
    •  You may prefer to make a quilt using your own, juvenile printed cotton materials or other prints suitable for a newborn, or just make a top, or do the quilting and let someone else do the binding. You may contribute 2½” wide cotton binding, preferably a solid color or a color that reads as a solid.
    •  If you have a long-arm quilting machine, you can check out quilt tops, along with batting and backing, and only do the quilting. The JPS committee will trim them and package them to hand out for binding.
  •  Resolution Squares: These small quilts, 12-16” square, need only a top and backing with no batting.  Please use flannel on the back.  “Orphan” blocks that you have left over from workshops or quilts may be used, but be aware that these tiny quilts are used for grieving parents so fabric should be appropriate.
  •  Knitted or crocheted blankets: We are a QUILT guild and our goal is to donate quilts. Having said that, though, we will accept knitted or crocheted blankets that are 36” square or slightly larger.  The blanket will be give to JPS Hospital.
  •  Knitted caps for newborns: If you would like to knit baby caps, please use sport or baby yarn as that will make the most comfortable cap.  When determining size of the baby cap, please think “grapefruit” not “orange”. The JPS committee has patterns available, if you’d like.