2019 Member's Challenge


 What is it about Texas that makes you say "For the Love of Texas!"?

  • Are you a non-native and just don't understand the Texas Ways? or
  • Do you look at the Alamo and get a lump in your throat? or
  • Does that fire-ant mound in your garden frustrate you no end? or
  • Do you own a pair of "Sunday go to meeting boots"? or
  • You know how far "down yonder" is. 

Close your eyes...what do you envision when you hear "For the Love of Texas." That vision is your quilt!


  • No larger than 24" on any side
  • You MUST use an item you found on the "Free" table from a guild meeting. Attach a piece of the said item
    on a 3"x5" card and submit with the quilt.
  • Must have a hanging sleeve.
  • Must have 3 layers.
  • Must be quilted. No tied quilts.

Due at the August 2019 meeting. Judging will be by the members present. Prize money awarded!