2017 Quilt Show

Trinity Valley Quilt Guild and five other Guilds will be participating in conjunction with the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo to bring North Texas one of its largest quilt shows.

In fact, the equivalent of six quilt shows in one!

There will be 300-400 judged quilts on display, classes, demos, speakers, quilt appraisals and rows of vendors. Come see our booth and purchase a chance to win our Donation Quilt made by Guild members!

Quilts to be entered in the Judged Quilt Show can be dropped off at the Arlington Convention Center August 21st, 4-8 pm. Or you can bring your entry to the August 18th meeting, and they will be dropped off for you.
For complete Drop Off and Pick up Instructions, please click below.

Drop-off and Pick-up Form

Quilt Appraisals

Lisa Erlandson will be offering appraisals on Thursday, August 24th. Go to http://www.sewingexpo.com/Events/Arlington,TX and click on “Quilt Appraisals” for more information.

Festival Night

On Thursday evening, August 24th at 7:00pm, enjoy the wonderful keynote talk by Meg Cox (www.megcox.com), who will share her thoughts on “Making Meaning: How Quilters Celebrate Life”. Meg is a fun and inspiring lecturer who can change lives. There will also be door prizes, to include a sewing machine, and key Festival ribbon winners will be recognized.
The door prize will be a Brother sewing machine and that there will only be 250 tickets in the drawing!
Come join us for a lively and thought provoking Festival Night at the NTQF Quilt Show.
Tickets are $15 and can be purchased from a guild member or on a “space available” basis at the door that night.


Tickets to the NTQF Quilt Show will be $10 from a guild member or any participating quilt shop, $13 online at www.sewingexpo.com/Events/Arlington,TX and $15 at the door. Parking will be $5. Tickets are $15. They can be purchased from any guild member, or at the door. Net proceeds from all the tickets we sell through TVQG go to our guild coffers.

Tickets for the Sewing and Quilting Expo, which INCLUDES the North Texas Quilt Show (us!), are only $10 from a guild member or participating shop (Cabbage Rose, Berry patch, Happiness Is Quilting, and Minding Your P’s & Q’s), or $13 online and $15 at the door.

NTQF T-Shirts are in!

Members can pick up pre-ordered T-shirts at a Guild Meeting. If you missed it or are not a guild member, a T-shirt can be purchased at the show from the Quilters’ Guild of Arlington.

Arlington Convention Center Map

Festival Night Speaker

Making Meaning: How Quilters Celebrate Life

A fun, inspiring lecture that changes lives: perfect for keynotes and evening programs. An expert on tradition who has written four books on ritual, Meg Cox shares examples of quilters’ celebrations but also shows powerful ideas from her own life. 

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Volunteer – YOU are needed!

Volunteers are going to be needed to run our NTQF Quilt Show and assist with the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo. TVQG is responsible for filling a total of 88, 4 hour shifts during the show week, Monday-Saturday.

Some of the areas of need are: quilt check-in, set-up, take down, Quilt Angels, scribes, ribbons, general volunteers (which may include help with Expo classes). When you work a 4-hour shift, you will receive the rest of the day at the show free. Sign up with Pat Drake at Guild Meeting.

You may choose an area to volunteer with no guarantee of actually getting it. But the sooner you sign up, the better your chances.

Volunteers will get a fee show pin!

Quilt Sale

  • This year there will also be a "Quilt Sale" ongoing throughout the Festival.
  • You may donate a quilt larger than 24" square for this. All six guilds will be participating in this Quilt Sale, with proceeds from each guilds' quilts going to that guild.
  • You must designate on the label "TVQG" for the proceeds to go to TVQG. You may also designate "Breast Cancer" for the proceeds of your quilt to go to a TBD breast cancer charity.
  • You must fill out a form.

Donated Quilts Form

Forms and quilts can be brought to the quilt entry drop-off on Monday, August 21st between 4-8 p.m. Also, Rita Schiavone has volunteered to collect quilts at the July and August meetings for those who can't get to the Entry drop-off.

Mini Auction

Miniature Quilt Auction

  • An auction will be held all three days: Thursday 12 PM; Friday 1 PM and Saturday 2 PM.
  • Your donated mini quilt must be 24" square or less, and it must have a sleeve.
  • All guilds will be donating mini quilts to be auctioned off, with money from each guild's quilts going to that guild.
  • You must designate on the label "TVQG", for the proceeds to go to TVQG's scholarship. You may also designate "Breast Cancer" for the proceeds of your quilt to go to a TBD breast cancer charity.
  • You must fill out a form, and forms and quilts must be turned in to Miriam Hink by August 1st.

Mini Quilt Form

Dates to Remember

May 1- August 26
Pre-Sale Discounted Show Tickets from Guild Members

May 10 (about)
Registration opens for OSQE Classes

August 19
Guild Meeting where you can drop off your show quilt early

August 21
Quilt Drop off/Turn in 4-8 p.m. at Arlington Convention Center

August 22
NTQF Set-Up – Tuesday

August 23
NTQF Judging – Wednesday

August 24
Festival Night with Keynote Speaker – Thursday

August 24-26

August 26
Quilt Pick-Up – Saturday, 6:30-8:00pm at Arlington Convention Center