2018 Quilt Show Wrap Up

The North Texas Quilt Festival is done and in the can! And what a great success it was! Thank you to every person that volunteered, made a quilt, bought a ticket, told a friend, helped with the booth, supported the vendors, attended a workday, or just said an encouraging work. All of you helped make this a wonderful quilt show. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

After all the bills are paid and all the sales are in, our final profit for the show is $5281.24. This is down a little from last year but certainly a good showing compared to quilt shows of the recent past. 

There were a total of 351 quilts entered in the show. Of those, TVQG contributed 100 quilts and of those had 52 winners. See TVQG Winners List for names and categories. Congratulations to all the winners!

Concerning the Threads of Resistance quilts, here is an email we all received from Mark Ingraham of F&W:

“Thanks everyone for a wonderful event! We had a terrific time and consider the event a grand success. I want to apologize for the disturbance the Threads of Resistance display created and I want to assure all parties we will NOT display any quilts as controversial as that next year. It’s a learning curve on many levels and we sincerely appreciate you giving us another chance to make it  right for the future.

All the best,
Mark Ingraham”

A big thank you to Mark for listening to our reactions both positive and negative. It’s good to know we all have a voice in our Quilt Show and have a platform from which to speak. So proud of the way we conducted ourselves at the Guild Meeting while discussing this issue. Well done everyone!!! 

Next year’s NTQF show will be August 22-24 at the Arlington Convention Center. So start thinking about those quilts!!

Quilt Show Chair 2018