What you need to know for the show:

  • Dates:           August 22-24, 2019
  • Where:          Arlington E-Sports Stadium (Arlington Convention Center)
  • Tickets:          $10 Available at guild meetings starting in June and at many local quilt shops. Selling tickets is the biggest way TVQG makes money from the quilt show. So think about taking extra tickets and selling them to friends, bee members, book club members etc. Money and unsold tickets are due back to the Quilt Show Chair at the August guild meeting.
  • What:             Over 300 judged quilts from 6 different guilds; 9 traveling exhibits including HERstory quilts: A History of Strong Women and Inspired by the National Parks; lots of classes; 70+ national and local vendors, and PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES!
  • Quilt Preparation
        • Sleeve - Quilts must have an attached, sewn 4" sleeve. Quilts under 24" may have a 2" sewn attached sleeve. The sleeve should be the same width as the quilt, not including the binding. The sleeve should include 1/2" of ease and be stitched to the quilt on both the top and bottom of the sleeve. Entries without a sewn sleeve will not be accepted. Quilts longer than 90" require the top of the sleeve to be placed 90" from the bottom of the quilt to ensure that the quilt will not touch the floor when hanging.
        • Festival Quilt Identity Label - A quilt label should be sewn on a lower back corner. The label should include: name of the quilt; the entrant's name; thhe entrant's address; and the entrant's phone number. This is a Festival Quilt identity Label; a personal label does not substitute, unless it includes all of the above information. To ensure impartiality in judging, please apply a fabric flap, sewn or carefully safety pinned along the top edge only of the Festival Quilt Identyty Label in order to conceal you personal information.
        • Fabric Bag - Each separate entry must be submitted to check-in in a fabric pillowcase or any fabric bag sized to fit your quilt (no plastic bags.)The outside of the fabric bag must be clearly labeled with the entrant's name and phone number in permanent lettering, either sewn or in ink.
        • Quilts requiring special handling/packaging will not be repackaged into their special packaging. It is up to the entrant to repackage these quilts at Quilt Pick-up. All quilts must be able to be stacked with other quilts without potential damage to your quilt or any other quilt in the show.


  • Quilt CheckIn
  • Pick Up   
        • Check In is Monday, August 19th from 12:00-4:00
          • Have each entry in a separate labeled bag, ready for inspection for label and sleeve.
          • Entries won't be accepted if not in a properly labeled cloth pillowcase or bag.
          • You will get a claim check for each entry checked in. 
          • Let the check-in team know if someone else will be picking up your entry.
          • You may have someone else take your quilt. Pat and Joyce will take your quilt for you if you can't make other arrangements. Bring to the August 16th guild meeting. If you can't be at the meeting, contact Pat or Joyce to make other arrangements.
        • Pick up is Saturday, August 24th from 5:45 to 7:00
          • You must have a claim check. If you are picking up someone elses quilt, get their claim check.
          • If you can't pick up your quilt, please make arrangements for someone else to. Pat and Joyce will pick up your quilt for you, and return it to you at the September's guild meeting, if you can't make other arrangements. If you or someone else doesn't pick up your quilt, you will be charged a "foster care" fee. See 2019 Quilt Entry Instructions for details.
          • Quilts requiring special handling/packaging will not be repackaged into their special packaging. It is up to the entrant to repackage these quilts at Quilt Pick-Up. Please allow extra time for pick up, as quilts packaged in standard fabric bags will be processed first.
  • Mini Auction - Held Thursday and Friday at 4:30 and Saturday at 2:15.
          • TVQG proceeds go to our Scholarship Fund.
          • A big THANK YOU to those of you who donated quilts. As of last week, TVQG members donated 33 quilts.
  • Junior Events (18 and younger) (registration open till 7/31/19)
        • Sewing's Next Generation Competition - 
          • Sewers can show off their projects on the runway Saturday at 3:45
          • Cash prizes in 3 experience groups
          • Participants receive swag bags, a certificate and free admission the day of the competition.
        • Cosplay Runway Fashion Show
          • Wear your own Cosplay design and walk the runway Saturday at 3:00
          • Free admission on Saturday
          • Be entered into a drawing to win an Imaginator 3D printer and starter pack of filament
  • Classes
        • Class registration is OPEN. There are some great classes offered, so please consider taking a class.
        • Go to www.northtexasquiltfestival.com and click on Class Descriptions in the left column.
  • Expo

        • Go to www.northtexasquiltfestival.com and click on Display Gallery in the left column to see the travelling exhibits that the Expo has this year. There are some really great quilts.


Pat Wykoff and Joyce Erwin will be happy to answer any show questions. Ask us at guild or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will find out the answer for you. If you want to go straight to the top, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2018 TVQG Quilt Show Photos