Rare Bares

Although we try to direct most of Community Outreach’s efforts to local needs, ever so often there is one charity that just really seems like a “fit” for our Guild, even though the focus may have a national or even an international flair. That is the case with Rare Bears! RARESCIENCE.ORG

This is a group that creates and shares stuffed bears with children who have a multitude of rare diseases; and because these diseases may only affect a small group of children, unlike cancer or arthritis, they do not have an organization which addresses the issues and needs of these children.

So, in an effort to let these kiddos know that are being thought of and not forgotten, this group creates the bears to share. The bears are numbered, and when a child receives a bear a photo of the child with the bear is provided to the sender, in this case us, TVQG.

Should you have a charity that you would like included in this effort, please let Miriam Hink or Linda Sue Johnson know.

Also you can send a quick email: