Sweet Dreams

Over the years the Guild has given pillowcases to various efforts, but it never had a central focus. In 2017 these efforts will be captured under the outreach known as “Sweet Dreams.”

This group has opted to create and collect the pillowcases for distribution through the local charity efforts of Recovery Resources. The pillowcases will be primarily utilized for the kids of Camp Carter. Recovery Resources attempts to provide a child living in a shelter the opportunity to attend summer camp, and their goal is that each child who attends camp will receive a pillowcase to keep.

There is no “standard” pattern for the creation of the pillowcases, and you can find many great instructions on the internet. Sweet Dreams has created a set of instructions for the pillowcases that you can obtain at a Guild meeting, but these instructions are only suggested, and individuals are welcome to use their favorite method of creation. Sweet Dreams is requesting that pillowcases be approximately 20”x30.”


Should you have a charity that you would like included in this effort, please let Miriam Hink or Linda Sue Johnson know.

Also you can send a quick email: